Onlinegatha : Sumit Srivastava and Raunak Srivastava

Q1.How would you like to describe OnlineGatha under 50 words?

OnlineGatha is a venture started in 2014 by Sumit Srivastava and Raunak Srivastava under Compaddicts Pvt. Ltd. (another venture by them) and got its registration done as a company in 2016. Now, leaving behind the professional language, OnlineGatha is a world for authors, with their book being typed, edited, published, printed and promoted, with their own author’s social platform, with a bookstore and inauguration and celebration.

Q2.How did you come up with idea?

A writer knows the pain of the writer. A casual discussion of writers should also get a platform like few poets get took a serious turn and onlinegatha got birth.

Q3.What are more facilities you provide to reader or writer?

Every reader has a writer in him, few realise it few doesn’t. As told earlier too we have a world of author, a social platform where author share there thought, just imagine you are passionate about something and you ended up landing in that world of passion. Onlinegatha provides that world of passion to the writers and the readers.

Q4.Who was your first client? Share your experience

Ah! An old man with such a liberal thoughts, with his physique he was old, with his words, he was young like a youth leader. The book title was “Premi”. In his interview he told that how in fake name of religion people do whatever they want and let their own children suffer. A divine experience that was to listen to him and to work with him.

Q5.What kind of difficulties you face while consulting any author?

With every new author comes new challenge but challenges are meant to be overcome. We do the same. Actually, there is no difficulty if you have clear vision in your mind and transparency and we have both.

Q6.What about Royality and other guidelines for author?

We provide 70% Royalty on paperback and 85% royalty on ebooks. Other than this guideline for author is quick response over our ticketing system. We have a whole system where author and concerned person, designer, editor etc. can talk directly and have immediate solution.

Q7.Are there any packages for authors? What are they?

There are a number of packages for ebooks, paperbacks and hard bounds. They include social media promotion, website for author, video teaser, publishing, printing, editing, proofreading, typing, selling, promotion and many more facilities.

Q8.What are your company ethics?

On time work delivery, satisfaction of author at top priority, honesty and writerhood are the basic ethic of our company

Q9.What are your future plans?

Future plan…. Hard term… We would just like to have writers and readers beyond the word possibility. So, authors and readers share their thought at a platform and a better reading can be given to the world. We want to create a planet of writing and reading addicts.

Q10.What would you like to suggest to young generation of entrepreneur?

Dream, dream with open eyes then work so hard to see that dream building in real in front of you. Be positive because negative will come from all direction and unfortunately in life two negatives never make positive. So, be dangerously positive.

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