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Q1.How would you describe HoverRobotix under 50 words?

HoverRobotix brings the vision of the futuristic and personalized transportation in realm of human life. HoverRobotix got established with the vision of brining human race closer to the artificial intelligence of the robotics world by providing sustainable future to the upcoming generation through a green mode of transportation that is “hoverboards”. These hoverboards from HoverRobotix are eco-friendly and run on “no cost”. Feel the power, control, balance and exhilaration of surfing on land.

Q2.How did you guys come to know about Hover board concept?

The CEO of HoverRobotix Mr. Munish Jindal loves science fiction (which does open the doors to the real world) and alongwith that, since his childhood, he is bitten with the travel bug. He loves to travel far and wide; and during one of his international stints, he came across the concept of hoverboards. The idea clicked him instantly and he brought the concept back with him to India. During his travel journey he chalked out the entire plan, how to make the hoverboards available to his fellow India in the most cost effective manner. They say journeys make the magic happen, this journey created the magic called “HoverRobotix”.

Q3.Can you tell us more about Hoverboards and their applications?

With our hoverboards, you get hold of a real roadworthy vehicle that is light in weight and extremely comfortable to ride on. The basics of self-balancing scooters include balancing yourself on the hoverboard. Hoverboard is basically an artificially intelligent robot that moves the way you think. So, it’s like pairing the human race and robotics together, “Think to move”. Once you stand on a hoverboard, hoverboard becomes an extension of your body, you just need to stand on it and think. If you think to move forward, it moves forward, if you think of going left, it take a left turn, same way when you think of going right, it take a right turn. You getting excited and think of taking a spin and it would give you 360 degrees spin, you struck somewhere and need to reverse, think of moving backwards and it reverses itself. It syncs with your brain and moves the way you think.

The hoverboard moves effortlessly, anyone from the age range of 4 years onwards to 60 years can ride it. The hoverboards can carry maximum weight up to 120 kgs and it’s almost an all terrain vehicle except off-roading. One can maneuver it easily on the roads, in the parks; on the grass alongwith you can easily ride it inside the home, on wooden floor, marble floor or glass floor. The hoverboard easily goes up the incline, on hospital ramps and in the hills. It’s a mesmerizing ride experience in itself.

Q4.Why people should go with HoverRobotix for Hoverboard?

Hover Robotix brings the legacy of 57 years of enormous experience. We bring the ‘Future of Mobility’. We are the ones who brought the concept of hoverboards to India and we are the only brand in existence in India in hoverboards. We are one of first hoverboard providers in India. We offer the fully featured and fully loaded best quality branded hoverboards with our proprietary specifications; that too at the best of the prices. Our prices are one of the most affordable one when it comes to branded hoverboards alongwith it comes with one year warranty. Have a happy feet with artificial intelligence.

HoverRobotix; the two wheeled Self Balancing Smart Electric Scooter has a robust body which can easily handle wear and tear. The entire body of the hoverboard is made of unbreakable material with the inner chassis made of alloy metal, to keep the weight of hoverboard light enough, so that person of any age (especially children) can lift it.

It's very rugged and can handle any conditions on the Indian roads, dirt, gravel, dust or puddles as the hover board is water resistant on the scale of IP54. It has easy turning compensation as it works on the Gyro Sensor Technology with top quality batteries made by Samsung.We have recently been awarded and honored by IIT – Indian Institute of Technology.

Q5.What are all the features of this machine?

HoverRobotix provides Next-Gen 6.5 inch HoverBoard - RoboTron8 "Don't just drive it - squeeze the most of it doing tricks, dancing, drifting or doing whatever that comes to your mind;" with Some of the special features are as following:

• Self-balancing two-wheeled board • Think to move • Revolutionary Battery Pack from Samsung • One Year Warranty • LED Illumination for safer use of the Hoverboard at night with embedded turn indication. • A2DP Bluetooth with Stereo Speaker • LED lights on both the side bumpers with color changing RGB (Red, Green Blue) concept • Activate the sports mode to increase the motor output for an extra boost of motor. • Additional Safety Enhancements • Over Charge Protection • Regenerative Braking • Kinetic Energy Recovery • Unbreakable body with entire chassis made of alloy metal • LED unbreakable covers made of translucent silicon. • Light weight, easy to carry • All terrain (except off-roading), all weather automobile device.

Q6.Is Indian Market supporting such technologies?

Yes, Indian markets are in a transitional phase, India has bigger share on the purchase of electronics good. The people of India are making a shift to eco-friendly products. Our products have been designed with utmost care. We understand the challenges of our infrastructure and hence our products have been carved with penchant of perfection using one of the best technologies.

HoverRobotix is our futuristic and personalized transportation device. We promise to give a thrilling experience to Glide into the future on a hoverboard.

This is not the end; this is just the beginning of where this technology can go! And we are paving the way for human race into the future with our artificially intelligent robots, have a happy feet with artificial intelligence. Future is here; think to move.

Q7.What about the costing and efficiency of hoverboard? Is it affordable to average Indian person?

We are the most cost effective player in the market and “HoverRobotix” is the only brand available in India when it comes to hoverboards. We ourselves are the manufacturers of the hoverboards and we have sourced best of the parts from the top global players alike Samsung, ARM in the world to make our hoverboards. Alongwith we made sure that we deal directly with these global players to cut our any margins of the middlemen and keep the costs under check. We are providing the best quality hoverboards, with top specs at the most affordable prices alongwith one year warranty. In addition to that, we have DTDC and BlueDart as our logistics partner, and we provide Free Shipping of our hoverboards across entire India.

Q8.Who is the team behind this venture?

The entire team comprises of one man Mr. Munish Jindal – Founder & CEO of HoverRobotix, whose passion and dedication built the brain child idea of HoverRobotix into a Pan India Enterprise; an entity of global scale, sourcing, working, dealing, manufacturing and networking across continents.

Q9.What difficulties you have faced or are still facing while running this company?

The first and the foremost roadblock we faced was the awareness. People at large are not even aware of the existence of such artificially intelligent hoverboards; especially in India. It’s just when they see a celebrity doing or endorsing something extra-ordinary, that’s when they want to have the same experience in life. Recently Mr. Shahrukh Khan during the promotional event of his movie “Raees” magnificently rode over hoverboard with his magnanimous aura.

We are still facing the same challenge of making people aware of this eco-friendly green initiative of transportation, though till date our product has been the hottest product and the initiative of the year in 50+ different shows and events among 300000+ people and we have given demo’s and training to 10000+ people in real world and we are still providing complimentary demo’s everyday to people from all walks of life.

Q10.Who were your first client and his experience?

Our first client was a wonderful young lad of the age of almost 10 years. His name is Mr. Liyan Jaggi. He went totally excited and super charged seeing the hoverboards from HoverRobotix. He picked up the learning process within span of 3 minutes, the usual learning curve of this device is 3 minutes itself and he immediately fell in love with this eco-friendly device. His love for hoverboards made him so proficient on it, that now he performs (as a hobby) on hoverboards on the songs of Justin Bieber and alike. His love for hoverboards even made him part of our complimentary artificial intelligence workshops and he duly got certified for his achievements.

Q11.What would be your advice for young entrepreneurs?

As a young entrepreneur, the stakes are almost higher; the dreams are bigger, loftier, and the willingness of our communities to necessarily take us seriously can be mountainous because we’re young, because we’re inexperienced, because we don’t know how. These are the shadowy clouds that loom over us, but, if we’re willing to ride out the dip, and not let anyone keep us from dreaming big, the reward can be so much greater.

I have always been a practical dreamer. I’m working on a dream, and this time it has a name: HoverRobotix. HoverRobotix serves as a platform towards providing eco-friendly sustainable transportation solutions to the masses. Mr. Hardik Dutta – CEO of HumHain (Home Delivery Venture) has already chalked out the mission to roll out home deliveries on hoverboards from “HoverRobotix”.

What started as a dream, as merely an idea for a way to help improve something I saw missing in my country, is slowly but surely turning into a reality. So to all my fellow young entrepreneurs out there, I want to extend my support and congratulations. Keep making timelines and networking meetings. Dream bigger and reach higher. I believe and I hope you do too, that it’s because of, not in spite of, our age and experience, that we can accomplish real change. The world needs people like us to think thoroughly and deeply, to dream big, about how to make it better. If you want to do, do it now. Don’t wait. Choose something unique. Be the real you; don’t rush, build it strong and steady, be the better version of yourself. Live to express and inspire.You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one."Glide into the future with HoverRobotix."

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