Brandland : Kartik chandra Sahoo

Q1.How would you describe Brandland in under 50 words?

An integrated Marketing solution for any marketing Budget.

Q2.Who is the team behind your venture?

We have a very small team of 5 people with great energy of 50 people ,team is lead by Mr. Kartik sahoo & Ms sapna wahane. Team Members – Mr. Amit , Mr. Vijay , Mr. Mukesh , Ms sona, Ms Neha

Q3.What kind of services is being provided by ‘Brandland’?

Brand Activation, Media solution, Multi Brand campaign (Brand Mitra) & digital Marketing.

Q4.How did you come up with such idea that could solve the core issues?

When I was working as a Marketing manager, I always used to face one problem which is – To find out professional marketing agency at an affordable cost & one point of marketing solution.

Q5.Can you tell us a little about your background and what inspired you to start working on ‘Brand land’?

I come from a very humble family background, my father was a labor working in a factory. Struggle, Accepting challenge & winning all odds are there with me since from my childhood. I have worked in various position in healthcare sector some of the brands are Fortis, Dr.Agarwal & davita Kidney care.

I have learnt a lot from all these brands while working with them but one thing I understood that I can do much better what I am doing now. Brand land was in my mind since from my MBA education & when I started working I felt the absence of Brandland in market who can even serve to Brands in just Rs 5000.“Marketing is for All “

Q6.What difficulties you faced while developing this solution?

a. Lack of experience made our client to be pessimistic about us initially.

b. Smaller Brands do not focus more on Brand building/ long-term benefits, its rather sales oriented so it was tough to make them understand to think beyond sales.

c. It’s a self funding ,pure bootstrapped company so ,we need to be very calculative while investing money in clients campaign ( as there was chance of losing money if the campaign doesn’t go well)

Q7.How did you acquire your first customer?

Well , that’s an interesting story .My 1st client is a revolution in Transport industry .They were problem solver for Bangalore traffic & in just Rs 29. We were given a task to promote the same to their target customer which is IT crowds at IT parks.

I buzzed them on their fb page with a very less hope that they will respond to us but luckily we got a call from them for a meet. On my 1st day of my meet with their Director , they didn’t find us worth to give the project to us as we lack experience .Somehow I convinced them to give me 1 project to prove our skill if they don’t like the work we won’t raise an invoice. We gave our 100 % to the campaign & when you give your 100 % you never can fail & next day I got a deal of Rs 6 Lakh as my 1st deal.

Q8.What are the future plans for growth?

We just don’t want to be limited in one city & few limited services. We want to reach out to all metro presence in another 3 year with all service availability.

Q9.What would you say is the biggest lesson you have learned while running ‘Brandland’?

“Giving up” is strictly prohibited – if you are an entrepreneur.

Q10.What is your message for all the aspiring entrepreneurs out there?

Dream – Work hard – Innovate – Motivate – Achieve big – Stay Humble

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